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Breakfast casserole for 50
Karen Davis
Hello Ellen and I hope that you had a fantastic holiday!!!

I saw your answer about cooking a typical breakfast casserole (eggs, milk, cheese, meat and bread cubes) for about 40 people but would I cook it at the same temp as I would in the oven? And for how long would it take to took the equivalent of 4 9X13 pans?

Also, will the french toast casserole (layers of bread and fruit with milk and eggs custard) work out as well?

Thank you for all of your help over the years. Karen

I would thoroughly preheat and cook at 325, allowing extra time and using a thermometer to check the temp at the center (165), expecting it to take up to an extra half hour or so if fresh, a bit longer if refrigerated overnight.

Yes, the French toast would do fine, it would be a little more like bread pudding, since the roaster cooks moister and you have a thicker layer.