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keeping veggies fresh in potluck chinese
Pam day
My division at work is haveing a chinese new year pot luck I am tryihng to figure out what I can do for the main dish that will not get limp and yucky if it sits in crock pot for 6 hours. I was thinking just having the chicken and sauce in the crock pot and presteamed veggies in bowls so people could microwave the veggies and rice and then put the meat and sauce on right as they are going to eat it. Is this sort of build you own thing stupid or creative?
I do not know of any authentic Chinese dish, except maybe soup, that will hold up to even 1 hour in a crock pot, never mind 6.

The build your own is a pretty good idea, It sounds like the traditional "Hawaiian Haystacks".

You might consider the meatballs with rice called lion's heads. They might do.