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I am having a grad party for son, approx. 100 people. Doing taco bar, taco salad (for adults), ? walking tacos for kids,chips and nacho cheese sauce, guacomole, texas caviar,salsa's,...and mexican roll ups? I want to do fajita's. I keep reading that chicken and beef do not hold well. GRILL AND SERVE. Well I can't. We have plugs/crockpots/roasters. Any ideas? HELP.

I also need bean recipes? I have NO IDEA on what to do for that. I don't eat them! lol

AND any idea on the max amt a rice cooker cooks at once? How many cups? (The book never came with it...demo model Lol!)

THANK YOU!! PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! I'M thinking of changing my menu...b/c I don't know what other entree?

Chicken fajita style can hold, if you use thigh meat, marinate the chicken thoroughly, grill just till done, and hold in fresh marinade.

You have to tell me the brand and model of the rice cooker if you want help on that.

Use the borracho bean recipe on this site, it is delicious.

ombine the chicken fajitas, taco salad, taco bar, nachos and walking tacos by having all the items out in the same serving array; you need 2 double sided 2 table long serving areas for this for 100 people..

Have a separate table for beverages and one for desserts. Have fruit trays.