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Graduation party
i am having a graduation party for about 200 people. I am thinking about having pulled pork sandwiches and roast beef( chunks) with potatoes ( dinner style). what else would go with both?? I don;t want a lot of food but want enough to satisfy the guest.
I would do one or two vegetable, green salad, fruit trays, and one interesting thing such as a starchy salad (3 bean, Texas caviar, slaw,etc) and a dessert buffet (see the dessert buffet page) or maybe an ice cream sundae bar.
I am plainnig a gradution for 200 people. I am making mini sliders,wing dings,and hot dogs how much will I need to get in order to feed them all.
High school? They will eat at least 2 sliders, plus 6 wing pieces, plus 1-2 hot dogs each. You need to add some starchy side dishes or you will need even more of these.
Graduation party May 5th
I am planning an Open House reception for my son's high school graduation. We are using our church instead of our home. Guestimating 200. Other receptions are taking place that day, with some guests going from place-to-place. I would like to do a meatball bar, with three options: Our family Danish meatballs, with ketchup and lingonberry sauce choices; Italian meatballs, with red sauce and parmesan cheese choice; and an Asian meatball. (I've found your meatball recipe and am wondering how to adapt spices for the Asian meatball--and can you suggest sauce or accompaniment?) With three meatballs available, do I still plan 3-4 per person? Also serving simple green salad and a mixed bread platter, butter pats (using your guides for 100). Will serve coffee and either lemonaid or punch. Please offer a suggestion for an easy dessert/sweet ending to the buffet. What is the ideal time to hold this type of event?
Asian meatballs: use mostly lean ground pork instead of beef. Use very finely chopped celery in the mix, ginger, soy sauce, and 5 spice powder (look for it, it is worth the effort). Offer a sweet and sour dipping sauce, and bbq sauce.

Plan 1/2 pound raw meat total per person, I would do 1/2 Italian and 1/4 each Chinese and Danish.

I would add either a potato or pasta salad or a potato or noodle side dish.

The simplest dessert is the dump cake or cobbler, can be served ala mode if you have a freezer available. 1 9x13 per 10-12. Recipe is covered in the spaghetti dinner at the end of the spaghetti page.

I am inviting 200 for graduation, Saturday 2-5 pm. I want to serve hot dogs, Italian pasta salad with pepperoni and black olives, calico beans, chips and sheet cake. HELP! Is that enough (people are going to have LOTs of parties that day) and if so, how much should I make?
Yes, probably, but I would add fruit trays. Make for 150, using the plan for 100 page and the fruit tray page, and you should have plenty for a stop and go party.
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