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Wedding Rececption for 120 people
I took a look at your "plan for 100" list and this is what i have come up with. Let me know if i need to adjust the amounts.

45 lb turkey
40 lb ham
40 leg quarters
30 lb asparagus
40 lbs red potatoes
25 lb green beans
broccoli casserole (12 lbs of rice will be used)

Looks pretty good. Have fun. Make a table of appetizers, fruit, some cheese and crackers, one good spread or dip.

Only 30 pounds ham will be plenty.

No more than 7-8 pounds rice in the broccoli.

How many pound of meat ( sirloin tips) for 125
How many pound of sirloin tips do I need for 75 adults and 25 kids, also potatoes and veggies (peas and carrots $
Hi, your numbers don't add up.

Kids under 10, count as 1/2 all others, just as 1.

All these items are in the plan for 100 table- for example, about 40 pounds raw per 100 for stew type dishes...