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Scalloped Potatoes for100
I cannot seem to find this recipe on your web site whether by search or browsing. Can you please forward the recipe to my email.
Thank you
This recipe is in several places on the threads in the forum, Here are the basics:

4 steam table pans

45-50 pounds of potatoes (you lose about 10 pounds in the peeling)
2 1/2 gallons milk, cream, broth, white wine, some combo
5-8 pounds shredded cheese; sharp cheddar, Gruyere, Parmesan
4 cups flour
4 cups butter
1/4 cup salt

butter or non-stick spray to grease pans
grated Parmesan to dust pans

5-10 pounds onions or leeks, or 25 cloves of garlic
bacon, chives, parsley,
nutmeg, thyme, cayenne, smoked paprika, OR bay leaves, simmered in the milk

1 1/2 to 2 cups Panko bread crumbs, may be toasted and buttered
OR additional cheese

Peel potatoes, if desired. Slice into uniform slices no more than 1/4 inch slices; if uneven or thicker, cooking time is much increased. Place in cold water, or rinse twice.

Thoroughly butter the baking pans and dust with plain old grated Parmesan (as from Mr. Kraft)

Option 1: Layered

divide the raw potato slices into 4 piles for the 4 pans

Put 1/3 of the potatoes in the pan, sprinkle in flour, butter, cheese. Repeat 2 more layers.

Heat the milk to simmer, pour over, topping if used, bake until tender, which easily takes an hour. Turn down to 180 to hold.

If you do not heat the milk, or the dish goes form the refrigerator to the oven, it can easily take 2-3 hours to cook.

Option 2: Steamed and sauced

Steam or simmer the potato slices about 5 minutes until slightly tender. Fill the pans.

Make a white sauce with the flour, butter and milk, remove from heat, divide the sauce over the pans. Put on topping if used. Bake.

Cooks much fatser, because th potatoes are part way dost, but I think the layer method is tastier.

Can you please tell me how big the steam table pans need to be, and what temp to bake the layers at, and what temp to bake the steamed version at also? Thanks.
One more question: Can you use the foil pans? Thanks.
Standard steam table pan is 12x20x2, holds about 7 quarts.

Baked at the same temp, one just takes longer.

Foil pans, do 1/2 pans and NEVER lift by sides- you MUST cook on cookie sheets and handle the shetts, not the foil.

The temperature is not mentioned for either method. What is the temperature? I will be using pyrex baking dishes, for 50 people. Thanks again.
350 metal 325 glass
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