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Retirement dinner
We are having a retirement party for my Mother in Law. Its around 166 people so 80% figure 145. How many pieces of chicken do I do we are also having sloppy joes. How many pounds of clow slaw and potatoe salad. The family keeps going back and forth. I am one who would like to have tons of extras so we don't run out. The party is in 6 weeks.
Thanks for all your help!!!
Expect 1 piece of chicken per person (about 6 ounces, bone in), sloppy joes is a tough estimates because some regions everybody eats one, and some, not so much. But for enough, about 50 pounds burger.

Cole slaw, potato salad, chips, etc. 1 1/2 times the amount for 100 on the plan for 100 lists.

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