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Grad Party
I am planning my son's grad party for about 350 people. It will be from 1:00-4:00 pm. He wants to have appetizers, and I have been looking at the site to try to calculate amounts. Could you take a look and see if I'm missing anything?

Nachos Bar:
Tostada Chips - 28 lbs.
Cheese Dip - 6 gallons
Chili - 10 gallons
Jalapeno slices - ??

Chicken wings - 125 lbs.
Popcorn - 350 c.
Chex Mix - ??
Relishes - 100 lbs. total
Ranch dip - 6 gallons

I also plan to order a sheet cake, and serve coffee, root beer, and lemonade.

Any advice on cooking that many wings? Thanks!

Do the wings using one of the excellent oven recipes on the web.

You need more than 1 sheet cake...

Nachos Bar:
Tostada Chips - 28 lbs.- have a few more bags held back incase you need more
Cheese Dip - 6 gallons- 1/4 cup minimum, 1/3 OK per person
Chili - 10 gallons- OK
Consider some refried beans, popular and cheap.
Jalapeno slices - 1 gal;lon per 100

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