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A two meat buffet for a nice catered meal
We are "catering" a fancier, local political party meal for 150. This is sort of our first time to try something fancier, but have done several BIG food events (spaghetti, potato bar, pulled pork, etc). I have read and read your meat calculating and I want to be sure I understand correctly for our buffet.

I understand plan on 10% more than your number - so I need 165 entrees. so I am thinking I need about 85 servings of brisket (about 43 lbs of brisket) and 85 servings of bacon-wrapped chicken (about 85 chicken breast. IS THAT RIGHT?!!!

Hi, Jamie,

The thing about serving beef and chicken buffet style is, EVERYONE eats some beef. Caterers plan on 5 ounces cooked ready to eat beef PLUS 3 ounces cooked ready to eat boneless chicken.

So, if I were estimating this dinner, I would do 1/2 pound raw trimmed brisket per person (yes, 75 pounds) PLUS 1 pound boneless or 2 pounds bone-in chicken breast per 5.

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