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baby shower
I have a problem! I am having a baby shower for my daughter in law and there are 55 confirmed and may be 3 more attending.

I have chose a location with a great seperate room and they serve party portions for buffet style. (it is an italian/pizza place)
It is sunday, 12:30 (after church)
I am ordering fettacini alfedo, lasagna, garlic bread (3ft), 4 large simple one topping pizza's, 10 slices each, and a large greek salad.

the pasta pans come in 1/2 pans serves 10- 12 and salad full pan.

Please help he figure out how many pans of pasta and will i need a 1/2 pan of salad to go with the full pan? how many 3ft loaves of garlic bread?

uggg help please, do not want to run out of food, but do not want enough to feed an army left also.

Cake will also be served for dessert.

Thank you soo much.


With about 60 people coming, I would definitely do at least 1 1/2 pans salad- maybe even 2.

fettacini alfedo, 4 half pans
lasagna, 4 half pans (people will take some of both, and they are usually hungry after church)
garlic bread (3ft), I would probably do 6 pounds
4 large simple one topping pizza's, 10 slices each, OK

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