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Pork Butt and Dry Bacon Ranch Pasta for 200
Gotta go food shopping for my wedding. Even with all the other sides, I would like enough to feed 200. Hoping for left overs, but ok if not. Soooo..... If pork butt and dry bacon ranch pasta, is all I were serving, how much would I need of each? Maybe 40 pounds pork, 50 boxes of pasta? And not sure about the mayo for the salad. I like Hellmans?????
pork butt- 200 people? Sliced and plated, 100 pounds roast. Sandwiches, 75-80 pounds with sauce.

dry bacon ranch pasta- for a pasta salad, 6-8 pounds dry pasta per 100, the larger if no other starches. Go to Sam's or Costco, buy dry pasta in bulk and a big jar of Ranch dressing mix to mix. Chop the celery yourself. Put the bacon bits on the side, so the none-meat eaters can have some, or prepare at least some without the bacon. You will have a MUCH better salad and save a fortune (or at least enough to send me a donation). Hellman's is great.

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