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do the numbers work
Hello Ellen, great site, been reading for some time now. I've been cooking for awhile but have only been doing party trays but I have to do a party for 100. The menu I'm doing is by request they have eaten the foods in smaller amounts. I just like to know if I'm in the game here. party is 6pm to 11pm mostly adults with a few teens. will also have apps & deserts too. Thanks in advance.

chicken 40 pounds, cut to 3oz serving size

sliced roast pork, 32 pound fresh ham

stuffed sheels, 10 doz

meatballs, 16 pounds ground beef/pork/veal

string beans, 24 pounds

bread rolls - sandwishes, 12 doz

spring mix salad, 14 pounds

Mike, this looks like too much meat and no starch. Are you looking for a suggestion on the meat?
Ellen, I'll bow to your experience and welcome any suggestion(s) you may have on meat or otherwise. As for the starch I was looking to add a rice/carrots as a side. Thanks in advance.
OK, 100 people. If this is a paid event, please consider a donation to support the ste.

chicken 40 pounds, cut to 3oz serving size- 1 pound boneless per 4, plenty

sliced roast pork, 32 pound fresh ham- bone in, OK. Some left.

stuffed sheels, 10 doz- OK, none left, and you might have someone serve the first round to make sure you don't run short

meatballs, 16 pounds ground beef/pork/veal OK

string beans, 24 pounds OK

bread rolls - sandwiches, 12 doz- get some that are good plain, add 2 pounds butter. If you really expect sandwiches, get the condiments from the sandwich page.

spring mix salad, 14 pounds- OK

I would add a pasta salad with at least 6 pounds dry pasta plus fixings, or a potato salad with at least 30 pounds.

Hello Ellen, I'd like to offer a great big THANK YOU for your input and the value added information provided here. I can only offer today that I'm grateful for your feedback. I look forward to future exchanges here and after this first attempt at catering the next will be for profit for which I'll gladly add to the account your resources. This was done for family putting together a 25 year wedding anniversary dinner so again, thank you very much.
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