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Cook Talk

Dessert Reception for 375 people
I'm planning a dessert reception for about 375 people. My reception will begin around 8pm, and we are going to be serving
3 different kinds of cheesecake
5 different types of cookies
6 different kinds of cupcakes
fruit bowl
so people don't go into a sugar coma. For beverages we will be serving iced tea, coffee, milk, and water.
I was wondering if you could help me figuring out how many cheesecakes, cookies, and cupcakes I should make. I am also wondering how many plates, forks, cups, and stirrers we want to invest in for the reception. I don't know anyone who has had this time of reception before, so I have no one I can ask and bounce ideas off of. Do you think you could help me?
Yes, check out the dessert bar page. Do 3 1/2 times the amounts for 100, and keep the individual servings, cookies, etc, small, as people like to try several. It is a very nice party.

plates, 3 small per person
forks, 2 per person
cups, and stirrers see the beverage planning page.

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