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Cook Talk

Wedding Reception
Hi, my daughter is getting married in August. A family member has generously volunteered to provide a dinner reception with appetizers. She said she ordered 3 appetizer trays that will each serve 50 - a veggie, meat and cheese, and a fruit. There are 240 on the guest list!

The kids originally wanted just a dessert reception since they are paying for most of the wedding themselves, we are broke!

We are afraid the food may run out. I don't know what quantities she has ordered for the actual entree and sides, but she mentioned she would have servers on the buffet line to control portions. Should my husband and I plan to make/order more food to supplement? I think so, but we are on a shoestring - hence the family member volunteering food.

Problem is, I am afraid she is either not being realistic about portions or - I don't want to think of her as being this - stingy! We don't want her to be offended by us questioning the portions, but I am afraid we may have to. If the food runs out, who are the guests going to look at? The parents of the bride, since they traditionally give the reception! I think the best thing would be to try and make/order a few more appetizer trays or a few more sides, if we can swing it. Please offer suggestions.

Maybe I should mention that the family member is the bride's future mother-in-law. We don't want to make things sticky for her from the beginning!
Totally not realistic. A catered dinner costs at least $10-12 per person plus $5-6 per person for cake dessert, plus beverages, if you get enough food. Schedule the wedding for 7 PM, tell MIL the kids definitely want a dessert reception. Offer her either to participate in this (say buy the cake?)OR to do the rehearsal dinner, much more within the range of the food she is planning.
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