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Graduation party for 350-400
We are having a graduation party with the possibility of there being 350-400 people. At this point, we are planning the following menu: grilled chicken quarters, pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy party potatoes (using shredded hashbrowns), Tex Mex Pasta salad (no meat in this), orange fluff salad (very light/pudding-like w/mandarin oranges in it), tossed lettuce salad, and brown beans. We have tried to figure amounts, but we are wondering how to best determine amounts to make of each with the variety we are having.
If these are teens, you almost don't have to worry about having too much.

2 quarters per 3 people, cut some in pieces
1 pound ready to eat pork per 5, 5 rolls per pound
25-30 pounds potatoes plus fixings per 100

salad, 3 times the amount for 100- they will be eating everything else
6 pounds dry pasta per 100
17 small boxes of jello per 100 is usual, so with the add-ins, I would do 12 per 100.
beans, 8 pounds dry per 100

Thank you so much for your help with all this! One more thing I forgot to mention was that besides the menu I gave above, I am also having 2 kinds of bars and cake, so I am not sure how much of each of those I would need.
1 small bar of each per person, 1 sheet cake per 50.

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