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Advice needed - wedding for 150
I think your site is amazing. Our daughter decided last month to get married this summer on August 25th (five months notice) at our house on a lake. We are trying to do this on a budget, and it will be a tent wedding. I have spreadsheets and lists like you would not believe. Fortunately I have entertained quite a bit in the past, and will have some help from a couple of trusted relatives. Here are the details:

150 guests invited. We are trying to keep costs down so doing a lot ourselves. The wedding is at 7, so we are proposing to have a buffet set out from 8:00 to 10:00 or so. We thought at that time of day it would not have to be a full meal but needed to still be substantial. There will not be enough room for everyone to sit at a table (about 100 should be able to have table seating) but there will be a couple of "conversation areas" with chairs and coffee tables that can accomodate all the rest of the guests inside the tent. We assume, given that there are a lot of younger people that 100 max will take a full plate and sit down to eat more of a meal, and that another 50 will get a smaller plate and have an "appetizer" plate. I am one of those who would not get a larger plate, but would graze with a smaller plate. So this is what I propose for a menu. Some of these items are family favourites that I can make with my eyes closed, and others are ones that a few people have offered to make. I am hoping to be able to cook the beef and ham ahead of time and slice thinly. I also have always cooked my baked beans ahead of time and frozen them and then add the rest of the sauce ingredients, etc the dahy before and cook in the crockpot, so that will be easy. The pasta salad is a staple that I do all the time as well. I have an Aunt doing broccoli salads and my mom is doing her ambrosia. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Cold sliced roast beef (need to determine amounts)
cold sliced ham (need to determine amounts)
variety of buns, guests could make sandwiches
6 crock pots baked beans
6 crock pots meat balls
6 large bowls Gramma's jello (like an ambrosia)
6 large bowls Debbie's pasta salad
6 large bowls Broccoli salad

3 large veggie trays and dip going to buy these as they are labour intensive (Costco possibly)

3 large cheese trays and crackers going to buy cheese trays (Costco possibly)

2 other appetizers (4 trays each) - yet to be determined I would like to have something a bit fancier ? My daughter has a caterer friend who is willing to do something here.

all the accompanying condiments

I have hired some staff (people I trust) to monitor food, put out food, bring out more food, clear plates etc once again I already have a list for them! I do not want to have to worry about what is going on in the kitchen/buffet area.

Cupcake table (in lieu of a cake) cupcakes ordered already about 100, as not everyone will take one. This is more of a centerpiece table I suspect

Dessert table My aunt is taking care of this.

Lemonade table

Ice tea table

Water coolers two

Pop two kinds, my brother in law works for pepsi so will get this

Beer and wine

Any thoughts would certainly be appreciated.

When I came upon your site a couple of weeks ago, I nearly wept with relief!!!

Debbie, my dad is in the hospital (3 weeks already, 3 weeks to go) requiring 24 hour attendance. So, please, post just once and expect it will take about 5 days, especially with this long a list.

You need to tell me what size crock pot, bowls, etc. I can give you weights and/or gallons, but not guess your sizes.

Also, if it saves you some money or trouble, please consider a donation to support the site.

Hi Ellen, so sorry to hear that, but I know exactly how you feel. My step-dad had a stroke a few months ago, and also needs 24 hour care so a lot of my time is also going to caregiving right now. Don't worry about getting back to me, I completely understand. Take care and I hope everything goes well.


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