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Wedding for 50
Hi Ellen, I am planning my 2nd wedding with approximately 50 guests including the bride and groom. I am having baked chicken, baked ham, potato salad, green beans, sausage, lazagna, green salad and dinner rolls. I need to know how much of each item I will need to make sure I have enough. There will be 8 children under 12, a few teenagers and the rest adults. I have a lot of it figured out, but thought I should check with you. Thanks
The teens will about balance the little kids, so count as 50- 1/2 of 100.

baked chicken, baked ham, 1 piece chicken per person, 1 pound ham per 5
sausage, 1 pound per 5-6
lazagna, everyone will take some, 4 9x13, make one vegetarian for your non-meat eaters, unless you are sure there are none.

All these are on the plans for 100 list. Don't forget butter.
potato salad, green beans, green salad and dinner rolls.

Consider adding some fruit tray and a cheese plates for nibbles while this is set up.

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