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Bridal Shower for 40 people
I am having a bridal shower for 40 people. All adults, except for one (flower girl). I'm serving (buffet) assorted small sandwiches, veggies (trays), potato chips, deviled eggs, black and green olives, and fresh jumbo strawberries (all finger food). I have a separate dessert buffet which includes muffin cups containing individual servings of cherry cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate truffles, 3 kinds of cupcakes, and mixed nuts.

I plan to serve iced tea, lemonade and water. I don't know how much of each to prepare. We live in the Southwest, so most people don't sweeten their tea, but I'll have sweeteners and lemon on the beverage table. Don't know if I should make equal amounts of tea and lemonade, or if people generally prefer one over the other.
Help appreciated.
Thank you.

Tea is cheap, make 2-3 gallons. 2 gallons of lemonade. Nice menu.
Thank you so much.
Hi Ellen,
I'm hosting a bridal shower for 40 people and it will be in the late afternoon at 5pm. I need suggestions on what to serve?
Bella, does the menu above look interesting? If not, what kind of menu and budget are you working with, how much cooking do you want to do, and do you have any help? You need to serve a dinner's worth of food, as most people will be hungry. Write back.
Yes it does sound great, do you think it's appropriate for a 5pm shower? I don't want to do a lot of cooking but wouldn't mind something I can prepare in advance. Is pasta, salad and garlic bread something one would serve?
Bella, of course you could serve a pasta bake; sometimes people choose to go a little prissier with shower menus, is all.
With the pasta, you might want an antipasto appetizer, it is a party after all. Let me know how you would like to go.
Hi Ellen, I'm going to go with the finger foods mentioned above. I think it will be better as well :)
assorted small sandwiches, do the thin tea type sandwiches, trim crusts, cut into 3-4 pieces each; do 2 sandwiches per person (they are thin). Pepperidge farm makes a thin sliced bread in white and wheat that works well.
veggies (trays),
potato chips, 4 pounds, might be some left, 4 pints dips /salsa
deviled eggs, 2 1/2 dozen eggs
black and green olives, 1 quart each, or 1/2 the classic relish tray on the veggie tray page

fresh jumbo strawberries, 2 per person, or do 1 1/2 time the fruit tray for 25 on the fruit tray page.

dessert buffet, 3-4 small pieces per person

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