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Graduation party for 100-125
Hello - I'm in panic mode (ok, not quite) - I am planning my first (and only) graduation party for my son and I am at a complete loss as to how much of what I'm thinking to serve. We have a unconfirmed(but invited) head count of 225 but I was told to plan for about half to attend. Our mix is about 50% teenagers/young adults, 45% adults and 5% children. A good number of the attendees will probably have many parties to attend. My proposed menu is:
Beefburgers or sliced pork loin
Macaroni salad
Possibly second salad of either potato or maybe tossed lettuce with salad dressings
Cupcakes - white and chocolate flavored
Punch and perhaps small bottles of water
Could you please help point me in the right direction as to how much I need to plan to purchase for supplies? I have browsed some of your other pages but I'm still kind of lost as to the amounts. Trip out of town this weekend to start buying up supplies. Thank you in advance so much for any help.
Take deep breaths. Smile.

Beefburgers or sliced pork loin- burgers are tricky, pork loin expensive, how about pulled pork or chicken
Macaroni salad-Good 7-8 pounds dry pasta
Possibly second salad of either potato- Good, 6 gllons gallons
or maybe tossed lettuce with salad dressings
How about a slaw, easier, popular, can be made ahead. Many good recipes for 100 on this site
Chips- 1 pound per 10 2 1/2-3 quarts dip per pound
Mints-10-12 pounds pounds
Nuts-12 pounds can mix with pretzels to reduce amounts
Cupcakes - white and chocolate flavored everyone will take one, some will take 2, do 15 dozen total
Punch and perhaps small bottles of water
See the beverage planning page, consider iced tea, some unsweetened. and lemonade

Thanks so much for all the tips, I'll keep a brown paper bag handy :-) If I am looking to buy the salads pre-made from our local store, am I looking at 4.5 gallons of each or 4.5 gallons total if I were to go with a macaroni and either the potato or coleslaw? I see you listed 6 gallons above of the potato salad, is that if I don't do the macaroni salad? As far as the pork loin, if I can get it at a decent price per pound, how many pounds to feed 100-125 per person? If I read the 100 page correctly, it sounded like around 50 lbs? I was thinking we could slice it thinner than if we were serving it on its own and have buns for sandwiches and from the 100 page it looked like I would need 125-150 buns. I'm pretty much doing everything myself so I either need to purchase it pre-made from a store or something that can be easily cooked and then 'held' to stay warm for a few hours while we are at the graduation ceremony. The only things we're making 100% from scratch (with the help of some boxed mixes of course) are the cupcakes and the mints - when you say 10 pounds of mints, how many does that figure per person? Is there a reference page on your site for that? Again, thank you so much for every tip as it is helping this first time parent of a graduate so very much. By the way, lemonade, GREAT IDEA!
Heather V.
Also, just remembered I forgot to add that I was planning on having bowls of 'snacks' on the tables for the grazers in the crowd - seasoned oyster crackers with goldfish and maybe some pretzel sticks to add variety. Figured 4 bowls which would hold 1 batch of crackers (2 bags oyster, 1 small bag of goldfish and 1 bag of pretzels).
You need a total of about 5-6 gallons made up starchy salad, which is about 50 pounds made up, plus about 2 1/2-3 gallons cole slaw.

If making sandwiches from the pork, I do 36-40 pounds per 100, chill, slice very thin (like little scraps), reheat in sauce. uns, I would get the samller ones, about dinner roll size, get 2 per person, have some left.

That s about an ounce and a half of candy per person.

The crackers are like chips- I figure about 1 ounce per person (1 pound for 15-16).

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