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grad party
I'm having a graduation party for my daughter. There will be 200 people or more, & i'm making barbq. pulled pork sanwiches, & barbq. sloppy joe how much meat, & buns will i need to buy. I also need a good recipe for barbq. pulled pork sandwiches. I would appreciate any tips
The menue so far is fruit salad, hot sausage, linguini salad fried chicken, & I was thinking of sloppy joe, & pulled pork should I do both? What else should I have on the menu. The graduation party is june 23rd. This would be my first party, so any suggestions even decoration ideas would be great
You do NOT need 2 sandwiches if you have fried chicken and sausage.

Sloppy joes are easier. Recipe on this site.

I would do:
1 piece fried chicken per person
1 pound sausage per 5 plus equal weight peppers and onions
Sloppy Joe for 100

Add sandwich condiments, see the sandwich page for how much

Pasta salad, 12 pounds pasta

Fruit salad, fruit trays are easier, hold better and the leftovers are more usable. See fruit tray page

Add slaw or salad, see plan for 100
Add chips and dips; 1 pound per 10 plus 2 1/2 to 3 cups dip per pound

Borrow some roasters and get some of the orange heavy duty extension cords. If you plug two into one circuit, it blows the circuit.

thanks for giving me some tips
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