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cooking for 250 people
shanika johnson
Hello my aunt is cooking for my wedding in june and she is cooking for about 250 people
I am not a cook but I want to know if you could give me some advice about how much would I need.
we are having for the main course
pork roast cutting it up to make alot
chicken also cutting it up to make alot
string beans
rice and peas
dinner rolls
Im not sure where to start can you please help me? Do you think a budget of $1000.00 is to less or ok
shanika johnson
Im sorry I am also having a cocktail hour
so this is why my dinner menu is not that much. Hoping the little food at the cocktail hour will do a little filling prior to the dinner.... Yes this is my first wedding and is working on a very tight budget..
Thanks so much for your help in this matter
Shanika, the usual budget, even for a self catered dinner, is $10 per person. Plus you need about 15 people in the kitchen and as servers, who are NOT in the wedding, just to set up, serve, and cleanup this size party.

If you really only have $1000, you either need to cut the guests to about 100 or have a 1 pm service so you can do a dessert only or tea reception.

Please read my article on wedding dinners and think about it.

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