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graduation party
I have invited approx. 150 people to my son's graduation party. This does not include my son's friend list posted on Facebook or school invites. How do youg gestimate how many people will show?
My menu will include: brauts, wings, potaoe salad, veggie tray, oreo fluff, nachos, pasta salad, baked beens. Please tell me how many pounds of each side and how many brauts & wings to buy. Thank you soooooo much!
Viola, once an invitation goes on Facebook, you could get literally hundreds, as friends ask their friends...

You have an expensive menu, especially the wings. Consider adding or substituting at least one low cost entree. Since you have nachos in mind, you might consider adding chili, and expanding to a taco bar, which is lower cost than wings or brauts, when you have rice and beans.

I will be off line for a few days, so here is a little help for the stuff you can estimate per person.

brauts, 1 1/2 per person plus rolls and condments, see the sandwich page for amounts of condiments
wings, 1 pound per 3
potato salad, 4 1/2 gallons per 100 (if you do a taco bar, do 8 pounds rice per 100 instead)
veggie tray, 3 ounces veggies and 1/4 cup dip per person, but I would do fruit trays instead
oreo fluff, if only dessert, 2 cups per 3
nachos, minumum 2 ounces chips, 1/3 cup sauce. 1 gallons sliced jalapenos per 100
pasta salad, 6 pounds dry pasta per 100- aout 3 gallons
baked beens, or refried or charro beans,8 pounds dry per 100.

Having graduation party for daughter
Approximately 75 people
Serving 15 pounds of roast pork
With rice and beans
Vegetable lie stir fry of 15 pounds
How much penne ala vodka pasta would I need?
Annette, Double the pork, vegetables are fine, 10 pounds of dry pasta.
Having a cook-out for graduation party. Aprox. 50 people. Hamburgers, hot dogs. How much lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese, chili buns and condiments needed?
A trimmings list for sandwiches is on the sandwich page. It is for 100, use half.
For graduation party - how much pork loin is needed for 250 people. I also need an Oreo fluff recipe/ingredients for 200.
Sandwiches, 1 pound per 3, plated 1 pound per 2. I don';t do Oreo fluff. You need about 8 gallons.
christmas eve day lunch
On Christmas Eve Day, we normally serve dinner on Sunday, but since Christmas Day is next Day and of course alot of work. We decide to go with oyster stew and a spicey potatoe soup. With this will be platters of sliced chesses, meats, sausages, a fluff of some kind, chips, cookies, brownies, candies, etc. We will be serving approximately 200-250 people. It is planned to be a kind of drop in and snack, eat bowl soup and some trimmings, etc. Have not a real clue in planning how much of all should be done. Any suggestions ??
There is a difference between 200-250. Also, how many would prefer oyster stew depends very much on the type of crowd; if I can't afford lots, I try to stick to something that won't leave people feeling shortchanged if they don't get some. Can you tell me more about the group and any restraints on the budget?
Need amounts How many boxes of instant vanilla pudding, and cool whip and Oreos. For salad for 100 people. Also the recipe for that amount
Oreo fluff salad for 100.

This makes about 2 gallons
10 boxes (3.4 ounces) instant vanilla pudding mix
3 quarts plus 3 cups nonfat milk
80 ounces whip topping/Cool Whip
300 Oreos chopped
20 cups mini marshmallows

Whisk together pudding mix and milk. Let sit until soft set, a few minutes. Fold in Cool Whip.
Add chopped Oreos and marshmallows. Stir to combine. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate for up to 4 days.

We are hosting a graduation party at the beginning of June with another classmate's family and anticipate inviting 550 people. Most of the guests will be adults or teenagers. We are the first and only (that we know of) party for our son's graduating class.
Our menu is Hummus with vegetables and crackers (with and without gluten); mini-cheescakes; cookies/bars, coffee and water. We could add some other desserts (cake, pie, fruit crisp), but your web page seems to imply that the more choices the more "bites" we need to provide because folks will sample more things. And, it would be simpler to have finger food vs. providing silverware for each person. We have considered renting a popcorn machine or making chex mix too. There will be candy and/or nuts on the tables too. I've considered mini-cupcakes as the decorations for the table.
I've read your pages on vegetable trays, beverages and desserts but still feel uncertain about how much food to prepare and how much variety to have.
Do you have any advice on how many to plan to feed? And what is your opinion on making cookies/bars ahead and freezing them? Does having both hummus & vegetables as well as desserts impact how much to have of each?
Thank you for this website and your assistance!!
Melanie, need to know what time the party starts and how long it lasts. Do you intend basically desserts only? For amounts have you looked at the dessert buffet page?

Also, is there dancing/ entertainment, or is it a come and go? This looks like not enough food and no a usual selection-

You can write back. Thank you.

Terresa Knapp
We are making the food for our daughter's wedding. We are inviting around 350 people but know that all won't come so looking at fixing food for around 250-275. Our menu will include smoked pork loin, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, taco salad, oreo fluff and a pasta salad (one that has sweetened condensed milk). Can you give me an estimated of much to make of everything?? Thank you for your help!
Terresa, I do not recommend self catering for over 160 people unless you have considerable experience with quantity food service. However, I will help if I can.

You are looking at food safety and service for more than 400 pounds of food. Please use the contact link button at the bottom of this page to email me privately, tell me where and how food will be prepared and stored, what is the venue and kitchen day of, and how you will provide the 5 kitchen staff and 18 people out front needed to set up, serve and clean up the party. These cant be folks who will be at the wedding, they will be doing the set up at that time. You will need at least 4 serving lines or 3 double sided serving lines.

In addition, an appetizer plan is essential for any event where there is an hour delay, such as the wedding photos pause. For this size party, you need 3 appetizer service areas. A punch, or two if one is alcoholic, plus 3 items is sufficient choice. We can discuss further when you write.

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