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Portions of Jambalaya
Bebe R
Hi! I am an experience cook but a beginning caterer. I have a gig for a Crawfish boil and the party-giver wants enough Jambalaya with chicken, sausage, ham, and shrimp and/or other seafoodto feed 45-60 guests. My own tried and true Louisiana native recipe makes 16 2+cup main course servings which can easily be divided in half for appetizer or side portion. I have two pots which hold 36-40 cups of water. How many cups of Jambalaya would these pots each hold? i need to know this so I can price this dish per serving. Thanks. I think I have it figured out but since I need to know before I make it, maybe you could help me out, please?
Bebe, I don't do pricing for pros, for that post to the pro boards;

You MUST NOT accept a 45-60 estimate. The host must set the exact number and pay for it, and you then will prepare 10% extra (this you include in the price). Your contract will include the price per person for guests over the original amount.

You do not want to fill the pots more than 2/3 full, as you can't lift or stir them; they weigh 20+ pounds full.

You need liability insurance If someone is injured or says the food made them sick, they can sue you.

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