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Graduation Reception
Ellen, I am in need of some serious help. I am having a drop in reception right after graduation around 3:00 pm. I am thinking I could have up to 70. Around 30-40 may stay a little while longer than the rest (which will probably pop in and out). I am planning on having someone else prepare 2 large meat and cheese trays (each serve 20-25 people) with 2-3 kinds of meat and cheese. I am also having 2 large fruit trays (not sure exact kinds) serving 20-25 people each as well. Also, 1 large vegetable tray which serves 20-25. The caterer thought that fruit would go faster than fruit. I thought I would add some tortilla chips and salsa, a couple of other kinds of chips, rolls, mayo, mustard to go with the meat/cheese trays so people can make their own sandwich. The veg and fruit trays are coming with some kind of dip. I will also be having tea, coffee, and bottled water, as well as punch. I thought rather than incur more expense by ordering more trays, I would get some bagged carrots, cherry tomotoes, and broccoli or cauliflower to fill in the vegetable tray if it starts to run low. I have to keep the rolls separate from the meat and cheese as I have some gluten free needs from some of the guests. Do you think this will be enough? What else do I need? I have never done this before and I am terrified. Also, my budget is very tight. Help?
tortilla chips and salsa, Good, 1 ounce chips, 1/4 cup slasa
a couple of other kinds of chips, do at most one other kind, add 1 other dip, and do one or two of the frugal ideas at the end of this answer- cheaper and more interesting

rolls, mayo, mustard to go with the meat/cheese trays- see the sandwich page for help on amounts of rolls and condiments

For filling out frugally,I would add a pasta or potato salad, 2/3 the amounts for 100, and a slaw or marinated bean salad, see Texas caviar or salads that hold.

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