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Cook Talk

Country food
Im feeding 100 people for my reception. I needed some help knowing how much to get and how much you might think it will cost. I'm cookin all this at home. Hot dogs and hamburgers maybe ribs, baked potatoes, baked beans, potatoe salad, and prob like cake pops and candies for a desert table. Plus I'll have my wedding cake and a grooms cake. thank you:)
Kelsey, I would not do grilled stuff if you are doing any of it yourself- definitely NOT good to be cooking day of the wedding.

Do a baked potato bar, see the page, lots of toppings. Do roasted/ baked chicken quarters- marinated or seasoned if you wish. Do a make ahead pasta salad if you already have baked potatoes.

Have a nibble table/ appetizer table with cheese and crackers and fruit trays and one other dip or spread with chips or bread, to cover while everything for dinner is being finished.

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