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Dessert for 450
Millie Housam
Guess my other post went somewhere else, but I am tasked with coming up with the best options for creating dessert for about 450 people for four nights. A large number of these persons will be middle, high, and college students. Also, any help as to the cost of ingredients would also be helpful. I was thinking about jello salads, puddings, brownies, cookies, simple cakes, and things like banana pudding. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.
Millie, I posted to your first post. This is not an instant answer robot, just 1 tired person with a dad in the hospital...
I am very sorry to hear that your father is in the hospital and pray that he is recovering well and that you are more rested. The reason for the second post was not that I thought the answer should be immediate, but because I could not locate the first post to check for the answer. I've tried the search method, but unfortunately, all I could find was the second one (as above). Again, I apologize for sounding too impatient, it was not my intention. Thanks again and pray all are doing better.
Here is the original:
How much dessert to serve 425 people 4 different desserts
Ellen, I am tasked with the job of serving dessert to 425 people on four different nights. Most of these will be middle, high, and college age kids. Also need help in determining the cost of making that much dessert. We were thinking brownies, cookies, simple cakes, and pudding desserts, i.e, banana pudding. Any help would be most appreciated.
Thanks, Millie
05/24/12 That age, pretty much everyone will eat plenty of dessert. Look at the dessert planning page, for 100 people for a variety of different mixes of desserts. If you whomp up four menus and post, I will check amounts. See banana pudding thread for simple banana pudding for 120. Start a new thread.
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