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DIY-my wedding reception for 300- check amounts
Hello- Can you check my quantities, see if they are close to correct?

Okay quick run down- My family and I are doing the food for MY wedding in a week! :)

We are doing buffet style, self serve for approximatly 300. They are ALL big eaters being from the midwest ;) A lot of people but big kitchen and lots of help.

Reception at 5:30

This is the menu and what I came up with :

Pulled pork -
Pulled Herb garlic turkey
apple Smoked Turkey
15 galons salad total:

5 gallons -Tri colored Italian dressing Salad
5 gallons -Coleslaw -Vinegar based
5 gallons -Ranch BLT Salad
Augratin potatoes-

12- 12*20*4 pans

Would we be able to do 8 pans that are 12*20*6 ?

Fresh Fruit:

30 lbs fresh whole strawberries
20 lbs grapes green/ purple
75 kiwi
20 oranges
Maybe some mellons depending how good they look

Thank you! :)

oops forgot about buns!


38 dozen buns

For 300 people, I would plan:

105 pounds meat for pulling
= about 400 sandwiches

You need sandwich condiments (amounts on sandwich page) and a sandwich filling for the vegetarians in the crowd. If children, I suggest also a big bowl of swirled peanut butter and jelly

30 gallons side salads

Potatoes are OK. Can do in the deeper pans, but they are faster and usually better tasting in the shallower pans.

Fruit is enough for about 200-250

What about adding cheese trays or chips and dips?

Oops realized I forgot to add amounts of meat.
That is cooked 105 lbs cooked Or 105 raw?

We planned on doing bbq sauce and individual butter portions. Salt and pepper of course.

Good idea on the peanut butter and jelly!

Ooof good thing I checked.. double up on the salads. Would I just do 10 gallons each then? Or would you do more of one than the other?

I will for sure check on mellons to see if they are nice, plump and juicy.. otherwise maybe add a few pounds of each.

Chips and dips would be okay, do you have a good idea on how to serve them? Just a bowl for chips and bowl and scoop for dip?

Thank you so much for the reply!

That's raw weight on the meat.

I guess 10 of each for the salad; no idea what's popular in your area.

Yes, or you could put on the individual tables, sort of an appetizer...

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