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Graduation-How much to make
Hi Ellen,

Here is my menu, I think I will have 80-90 guests.

Chicken - 100 pieces
Meatballs - 20 lbs with 2 different sauces
Ham - 11 lb buffet ham
5lbs Pasta salad
Taco Salad
Coleslaw - 10 lbs
Cheesy potatoes -planned for about 50 people originally
Baked Beans- 6 lbs
Veggie tray with dip
chips and dip
Graduation cake
Cold dessert
Pop, water

Do I need to increase anything? I was thinking more 50-60 people but now it is probably closer to 90. Please help
Also, is it better to serve ham cold or warm?
Thank you

You are headed in the right direction- you don't say what time or how long the party is, so I will assume dinner time and 3 hours.

Chicken - 100 pieces- good
Meatballs - 20 lbs with 2 different sauces-good
Ham - 11 lb buffet ham- cold is fine
5lbs Pasta salad - that should be 5 pounds dry pasta- about 3 gallons
Taco Salad- doesn't hold too well- do a Southwestern tossed salad (add cheese, black beans) and put the chips on the side
Coleslaw - 10 lbs
Cheesy potatoes -planned for about 50 people originally- make for all, these are very popular- see the brunch page at the bottom for help
Baked Beans- 6 lbs- you need about 2 gallons
Veggie tray with dip
chips and dip- 1 pound chips per 10, 2-3 cups dips/salsa per pound

Graduation cake- sheet or 2 layer half sheet cuts 50, 2 layer sheet cuts 100
Brownies- chocolate? 2 smallish per person
Cold dessert??? see the sundae/ ice cream bar page???

Pop, water see the beverage planning page

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Thank you- This is very helpful!
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