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Luau banquet
HELP! Fundraising event. 300 people. Luau style menu. Im incharge of catering (we are all volunteers) and need help with estimating how many of the main ingredients to buy (lbs, how much each person may eat etc)
Menu planned:
Rolls and butter at table
Hawaiian style punch
Main course:

Kalua style pig (pork-oven style)
Some kind of bbq chicken
Hawaiian macaroni salad
white rice

I only have about $600 in my funds. thinking of doing fruits as center pieces/table deco and DESSERT!

THank you thank you (MAHALO) in advance!


05/30/12 is going to be indoors at a large highschool gym. High hopes for decor (my bro in law is an awesome designer) so I wanted to make sure my food will match his vision :)
Mimi, that isn't enough budget for 300; you can't get a happy meal for $2.

Here is what you need:

Rolls and butter at table 36 pounds rolls, 9 pounds butter
Hawaiian style punch- 12 ounces per person plus ice. Offer unsweetened ice tea with sugar-free packets for folks who don't drink sugary.

Kalua style pig (pork-oven style)- 1 pound raw per 3
Some kind of bbq chicken- 1 piece per person; leg quarters least expensive; cook, then cut up
Hawaiian macaroni salad- 6 pounds dry pasta per 100
white rice- 8 pounds per 100. suggest a little garnish of toasted slices of almond
Poi-1/4 cup per person

Fruit- see amounts on fruit tray page

You really need a simple dessert, such as pineapple dump cakes or upside down cake.

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