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mostaccioli in a roaster oven
has anyone baked mostaccioli in 18 qt roasters? did it work, how, and any special advice? i've been asked to prepare mostaccioli for 150 people and serve it outside.
You need 3-4 roasters. 4 gives a thinner layer, less gooey in the middle.

Preheat the roaster at leats 20 minutes 25 degrees above the heat wanted, and turn down as you insert the pan.

Line the pan with nonstick spray and coat with ground Parmesan before filling.

Use a little less sauce, it doesn't dry out quite as much as the oven.

Candee Gillespie
Can you please send me your complete response on this?
Each roaster does best with 4 pounds dry pasta as the base, 5 is OK but a bit more likely to get overdone on the edges before done in the middle. Equ.ivalent to 4-5 9x13 pans

Use recipe of your choice. Will take up to 30 minutes longer to cook if assembled day before and held in fridge. Don't turn up the heat, it will just burn the edges.

Done when the middle is 180 degrees on a quick read thermometer.

What was your specific question?

Also, warning, each roaster requires a separate 15 amp circuit, if you plug 2 in you will blow the circuit, so scout your electrical situation before planning lots of roasters.

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