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wedding for 200
I am doing a wedding for 200 the bride and groom would like to do chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches, cheese and fruit , veg and dip tables pigs in a blanket do i need to do 200 of each item? I was thinking of putting the chicken sale and egg salad in cream puff shells. Thanks!
This is a light menu, they definitely need an appetizer table.

It sounds like you have not done this before. You need at least a dozen people day of to set up, serve, and clean up this party. You also need liability insurance; if you are doing this paid and anyone (staff or guests) is injured or says the food made them sick, you can be sued.

chicken salad- 2 per person
egg salad sandwiches- 1 per person
cheese 12-15 pounds per 100, 6 pounds crackers per 100
fruit see fruit tray page
veg and dip- see veg tray page
pigs in a blanket- at least 2 per person

I would encourage them to add at least a potato or pasta salad if this is at meal time. This is a very light menu.

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