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Party for 80 Adults and 20 kids under 14
Hi! I am hosting a graduation party for 80 adults and 20 kids under 14. I am concerned that I will not have enough food. This is the menu I am planning:

Chicken Parm (2 large trays)
Roast Beef sandwiches (enough to feed 50 people)
300 meatballs
Chicken fingers (for kids)
15 lbs potatoe salad
5 lbs pasta salad
Caesar salad

Chips/pretzels on the table tops

48 cupcakes
2 - 1/2 sheet cakes

The chicken and roast beef are being catered, I am making the rest.

Do you think I will have enough food?

You are right, this is a little light, especially if it is self serve.

Chicken Parm (2 large trays)-OK
Roast Beef sandwiches (enough to feed 50 people)-OK
300 meatballs-OK
Chicken fingers (for kids)- some adults will take a couple as a snack or appetizer...
15 lbs potato salad- for 80 people, I usually do 25 pounds (3 gallons)
5 lbs pasta salad- OK if this is dry weight of the pasta- you want to end up with at least 2 gallons= 15-18 pounds
Caesar salad- do 2/3 the amount for 100 on the plan for 100 table. Have several pounds of baby carrots for kid-ness

Quickest and cheapest add on- 6-8 pounds really good rolls, the meatballs will become hoagies on many plates. Condiments for 50- see the sandwich page.

Chips/pretzels on the table tops-1 pound per 10, add 3 cups dip per pound for enhancement

48 cupcakes
2 - 1/2 sheet cakes (about 48 slices)
This is cutting it very close, I would add 1-2 dozen cupcakes.

Dinner level coffee
punch or lemonade 4 gallons

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