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Graduation party for 150
I will be making 150 empanadas..I don't know how many lbs. of meat that is but as I understand it I will need 75 lbs. of meat in total entree dishes... So there will also be chicken and sausage and peppers.....we would also like to have rice and beans and penne al vodka as our side starches. With the menu stated, how many cups of rice would I need and how many pounds of pasta?I am thinking of potato salad, bread and, regular green salad. How much potato salad and green salad would I need?
chicken- 1 piece per person, 1 3 1/2 pound whole chicken or 4 leg quarters per 8
sausage and peppers- 1 pound per 5, equal weight veggies
need rolls, 4 inches of baguette/hoagie roll per person
empanadas- make small size- most people will take one, because they are unusual, but only want/need a taste, then make around 200

rice and beans- about 8 pounds dry of each
and penne al vodka-about 10-12 pounds dry pasta

potato salad, I would probably skip, and do fruit trays instead

bread- do rolls, about 12 pounds per 100 and, regular green salad see plan for 100, do 1 1/2 times

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