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Cook Talk

Small reception
Were having a small reception,cook out as my daughter prefers. 75-80 guests. Just friends and family. Having pulled pork, sliced ham, moink balls and poppers. Plus other cool type dishes. I see you recommend cooking above 160 which I will and serving with in 2 hours. Now is 2 hours all you'd let the food available? Like to present it for 4-6 hours. Also is there a way to keep things cool in a chafing dish or chicken crispy.
The rule you are trying to obey is no more than 4 hours between 40 and 140. That includes both holding tme and serving time. You can figure out. It is best for food safety and food quality, to serve on table 2 hours, you don't put it all out at the beginning.

Ice in the bottom of the chafer for cold. Crispy is elusive in chafers; a rack can help.

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