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community dinner
HI! our church is planning a free dinner for our community, hoping to reach those struggling to put food on the table. the dinner is this week, & we've planned the menu. Just found your site, & I think we may not have chosen easiest menu for 1st dinner...but here goes- we are cooking for 60. we planned on spiral cut hams, warmed up & baked potatoes. the other items on menu are under control we want to heat 3-4 10 lb hams in st. steel pans that can then go on chafing stand to keep warm. we planned to cook the potatoes, after spritzing w/oil, in chafing pans (30 to each pan) in oven for 1 1/2 hours. Does that all sound right or do you have another suggestion?
I would bake the potatoes straight on the oven rack and transfer to the chafers, they will take about an hour.

takke a look at the potato bar page for some topping ideas for your potatoes.

I just posted how to reheat hams:
Ham-It is recommended to reheat these hams at 325, tightly wrapped, to 160 if manufacturer packaged or to 180 if re-packaged/ store wrapped. Preheat the oven, take out as soon as hot. OK to heat direct from fridge. Usual to put about 8 pounds in a pan.

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