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Graduation Party
I'm having a graduation party this weekend. I have invited 50 people. It is in the evening, 7:00. I plan on serving small cream puff chicken salad and beef salad sandwiches, a veggie tray, fruit tray, deviled eggs, and cake. I'm not how much to make. Any suggestions for a better menu would also be appreciated. Thank you for your help
I would probably add a few dishes- both high school and college grads are pretty big eaters.

Unless they are very large, I would do 1 chicken and 1 1/2 to 2 beef per person and about 10 with a veggie or cheese filling of some kind for the non-meat eaters.

Veggie tray and fruit tray, see the respective pages.

Devil 3 dozen eggs.

A 2 layer or 9x13 cake serves 12. If ordering from a bakery, a sheet cake or 2 layer half sheet cake would serve 50.

Consider adding some kind of chips and dip - 1 pound chips per 10 and 3 cups dip per pound. Could be pita chips and hummus, salsa and tortilla, etc.

Consider adding something like a classic relish tray or an antipasto tray, or spinach Parmesan squares or sausage balls...

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