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grad party
Hi im having a party for around 50 people this is my menu , order 2 hero 100 k bob, roasted veg platter,cooking 30 turkey em pandas, sausage and peppers pasta salad , tossed salad potato salad bean salad penne ala vodka,do i have enough?plus cake cookies brownies all the drink, my sister telling me it not enough!
50 people this is my menu ,
order 2 hero- what size? 6 foot serves 30
100 k bob, OK
roasted veg platter, 12 pounds
cooking 30 turkey em pandas, OK- all gone
sausage and peppers- 1 pound sausage per 5 plus equal weight veg
pasta salad, 3 pounds dry pasta
tossed salad- see plan for 100 do half
potato salad-20 pounds potatoes
bean salad- 1 1/2 gallons
penne ala vodka, 5 pounds dry pasta( 5 9x13)

You will have plenty

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