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Scrambled eggs for 291
I clicked on the breakfast for 100 and saw for 100 it is 16-18 dozen plus 1 dozen hard boiled. What is the hard boiled for?
We are doing a breakfast for 291 people which consist of grits, scrambled eggs, 2-bacon & 2-sausage patties, toast. Also cereal, fruit, juice and milk. Can I triple your 100 recipe and be safe? This is a one time thing so I don't want to have loads left over but I don't want to fall short either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. How long will it take to cook the grits you think?
There are always a few people among the 100 who have allergies or just can't face casseroles- this is who eats the hard-cooked eggs.

3 times will be plenty.

Look up some recipes for baked grits. Simpler.

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