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Time and temperature
Hi Ellen-
I made stuffed shells in half size foil pans and froze them. The site the event is at has both a regular sized conventional gas oven and also a very large convection oven.

When heating the shells, what temperature and time would I use for the convection oven? (recipe calls for baking 40 minutes at 350 when not frozen).

Also, I purchased (on accident) fully cooked shank hams for the event. Normally with a partially cooked ham I'd cook, then reheat in slices. What do you recommend is the best way to reheat these fully cooked hams--slice from bone, then reheat at the event in one of the ovens, or reheat whole at the event in one of the ovens?

Is there a general rule on changes from conventional to convection oven? From what I found here, you mentioned reducing temperature and time, but by how much for these two cases?

Thanks in advance for your advice! I'm just wanted to nail down my timing for day of preparation-

For heating the frozen stuff, no kidding, look at the packages in the freezer at the grocery.

Take the meat off the bone, wrap very tightly (I use a little juice or broth) in foil butcher wrap in flat packages, follow the reheating info on the reheating turkey and ham page at the top of big pots.

Usual rule of thumb for convection is 25 degrees less heat, 25 % less time.

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