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Lunch wedding reception for 130
Hi Ellen,
I am having a wedding in October and I'm ordering food through multiple vendors. The wedding reception will start at 12:30pm and it's mostly adults. I am wondering if this is a correct amount of food...
Carne Asada meat 40 servings (according to them 1 serving = 1 burrito or 2 tacos)
Carnitas meat 40 servings
Enchiladas 200
Tamales 200
Rice 2 x 13x9x2 tray
Beans 2 x 13x9x2 tray
Chips 200 oz.
Tortillas 200 count
Red Salsa 72 oz.
Green salsa 72 oz.
Costco Fruit Platter 3 x 4 lbs tray
Costco Veggie Platter 3 x 4 lbs tray
Costco cold cuts and cheese platter 4 trays (each tray serves 16-20)
Thank you for your help!
Tam, this is not what I would do for 130 for a wedding lunch- for example, a 9x13 tray is only about 12 servings. The 4 pound fruit tray serves about 20, the 4 pound veggie tray about 30. One gallon of salsa is about 65 servings. Do you have in mind a sort of taco bar with rice, beans, enchiladas, and tamales?

I would definitely portion out part of the food to an appetizer table for the hour of the pictures and to allow time for the staff to serve the dinner buffet table.

I would definitely add a green (chopped lettuce) salad, and I never plan less than 3 tortillas per person. More info please.

Thank you, this is my first time planning a 130 person party - and it happens to be my wedding!
I am trying to go with the mexican/taco bar theme. The party is a buffet fiesta (like you mentioned). The main dishes are the enchiladas and tamales. The rice, beans, meat and tortillas are going to be a make your own soft shell taco bar. We were just going to let people dig in while we were taking pictures.

Based on your servings for the 4 lbs. fruit and veggie trays I will increase the quantity of those. I am going to go with a different vendor for the rice and beans that can prepare for 150 people. Also increasing the tortillas will be easy since I live in Southern California.

I will definitely consider a salad. I am trying to go with prepared foods and stay away from cooking. Mainly, I remember my aunt cooked everything for my cousins wedding and she was very stressed out. I think if it's just a salad that's doable, but if we prepared it, it would have to be done the night before.

I recommend at least 3 people in the kitchen and at least 6 servers/staff to set up serve and clean up this party, and NONE of them should be members of the wedding party/guests. Church ladies, local diners (that close after lunch) the local college are places to look for these, and PLEASE do plan to hire at least a couple to set up things while you all are busy at the wedding itself and during photos.

A chopped lettuce salad can only be done the night before if you rinse it is fruit fresh to keep the lettuce from browning. You might consider one of the "salads that hold" from the big pots section.

I would allow at least 2 tamales and 2 enchiladas per person, even with the taco bar, almost no-one will take just one.

The idea of letting people eat while you take pictures means most will be done before you even get to the party. Is this going to work for you?

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