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Birthday Party
Hello, I am starting to plan a birthday party for my husband and I was wondering how to cook for 42 guests potentially! I have never cooked past 18 guests. I am a little nervous but feel I can do it! My plan is to make Meatballs, Baked ziti, Roast Pork, and Pasta Salad. How much do you feel I will need to estimate when I am grocery shopping. Thank you so much!!
You need some electric roasters and/or roasting pans for your oven. A FULL 6 quart crock pot serves a side dish for about 30.

42 guests is 4-5 pounds dry pasta for ziti (4-5 9x13 pans, 2 half pans), 3 pounds dry for pasta salad, 1 pound meatballs per 4. 2 pounds raw boneless pork per 5.

Ellen, I really do thank you greatly cause I never have cooked for this may people at one time! This site is just wonderful* My husband and I got married 3yrs. ago so we are having his extended family over for the first time so I want to make it perfect as it can be!! Ty :))
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