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3 meat BBQ.. How much of each for 100 people?
I am doing a BBQ menu for my husbands surprise party. I'm expecting 100 people. This is the menu I'm planning, but don't know how much of each I need. Please help! I don't want to have way too much meat, but I definitely don't want to run out of anything either!

Baby back ribs
Pulled pork
Pulled chicken

Baked beans
Mac n' cheese
Corn on the cob

Cornbread muffin

Baby back ribs- 1/2 pound per person
Pulled pork- 1 pound ready to eat per 5-6
Pulled chicken- 1 pound ready to eat per 5-6

You might consider switching one of the pulled dishes for BBQ sausages in a crock pot, more variety. Same weight.

For the other items, use the plan for 100 list. 2 muffins per person plus some extra. Have a few pounds each of butter and honey or jam.

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