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Baked rice for 100
I've questions on how to use your baked rice recipe for 100 people. The rice is for under Swedish meatballs.
Can I bake the rice in a full sized 2" deep steam tray pan? If I bake it in a steam tray pan, can I skip boiling on top of the stove top? How many pounds should I put in 1 pan?

If I need to bake it in a covered roasting pan can I transfer the rice to a steam tray pan to keep warm?

You can bake in steam table pans if tightly covered with foil. No, you can't skip the boil- you can do in pots and transfer to the steam table pans, as those warp and discolor over direct heat.

You need more than 1 pan. 1 pound of rice makes about 6 cups cooked rice (depends on the type of rice) and the pans only hold about 7 quarts= 24-28 cups

I would love your recipe for cooking Mexican Rice in a Roaster for 100 people.
You need 2 roasters to do rice for 100.

There are several Spanish/ Mexican rice recipes on this site. Here is the conversion for an electric roaster:

Measure the dry rice. Assemble the related additions. Measure out your water, juice, broth.

Rinse or soak your rice as indicated, Basmati rice needs soaking (30 minutes) and old or brown rice also benefits from it. Drain well.

Meanwhile, preheat the electric roaster to 425 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 20 minutes. Add your rice to the roaster with water in appropriate ratios. Follow the standard ratio of two parts water to rice, using one part rice to 2 parts water if no directions are present. Add additional water if the rice is not completely covered with water- the water should cover by 1/2 to 1 inch.

Bring water/liquid and seasonings to a boil. Let rice boil, five minutes for white rice, 8 minutes for brown or other whole-grain rice. Uncover the roaster and stir the rice thoroughly. Re-cover the electric roaster and turn down the heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Check on the rice after 30-35 minutes for white, 45 for brown. If not finished, cook five to ten minutes longer.

It is simplest to cook any mixed veggies or peas you are add separately and stir them in at the end.

If rice is undercooked, add any needed boiling liquid, simmer five to ten more minutes, then shut off the heat and let the rice steam, still covered, for five to ten minutes.

If holding, turn to 160-180 and cover the surface of the rice with a clean, .cotton dish towel to catch condensation

Fluff before serving.

See the baked rice recipe in the recipe box for more notes.
Roaster method!
Just above! Conversion for any rice recipe to roaster!
Have you tried this method with our Vigo Brand Yellow Rice? If so, what were the results?
No, I have not seen the brand locally (San Antonio). If I find it, I will try it.
I want to do Spanish rice in a 20 quart roaster. Do I still need to use 2 roasters?
A roaster will only do about 50-60 servings, you don't say how much rice you are cooking?
I'm cooking rice for 200. Do you suggest roasters? How much rice should I plan per person? And how many roasters would I need?
Holly, I prefer to cook it in real ovens, as you would require 4 roasters, and that is a problem in most rooms/kitchens since you need 4 circuits and most rooms have only one.

Another option for really tender plain rice is to rent rice steamers.

2 2/3 cup dry rice, 1 pound, will make 2 quarts, a cup each for 8 people. The most per roaster is 6-8 pounds dry.

Baked rice for 150
I need help can someone tell me measurements to cook in roaster i have 2 roasters one 18 qt and one 22 qt im mexican rice for about 100 -150 people
To do this, you bring the water/liquid to a boil in the roaster cook pan and add the rice before placing in the roaster, which you can do on the stove as the roaster is preheating covered to the indicated temp. Then carefully transfer the cook pan to the roaster.

2 2/3 cup dry rice, 1 pound, will make 2 quarts, a cup each for 8 people. The most per roaster is 6-8 pounds dry. I would do 7 in the smaller roaster and 8 in the larger, which will make 30 quarts, approximately 120 cups. Leftovers for 100, just making it with 1/2 cup servings for 150.

You MUST plug the roasters in on 2 separate circuits, which usually means 2 rooms.

Baked rice 5 lbs
Cooking 5 pounds in a roaster how long does it take if I’m cooking it at 250 degrees? I wanted it to cook slowly as it nnot to burn or over cook it but to cook throughly
Most likely about an hour and a quarter if the water is boiling when you first put the rice in.
How do I cook Mexican rice for 75 persons in elect
I want to use electric roaster
This is discussed on this thread, starting 07/26/12
Is the water supposed to be boiling when I pour it in or come to a boil while in the roaster with the rice already mixed in?
I put brown rice in cold and count time ONLY when it comes to a boil. White, I bring o a oil, then bring back to a boil before urning down.
I'm trying to make coconut-flavored rice using the oven method in 3 hotel pans. Is my thinking correct that I could use
12.5lbs basmati
2 Gallons 3 quarts coconut milk and chicken stock
2T salt
Wash the rice, soak it for 30 mins, add hot coconut milk, and bake the pans, tightly covered with foil, for 30 mins in a 350 oven?


First, soak the basmati rice at least 30 minutes, rinse until it rinses clear, then drain and place in pans. Add the liquid, bring to a boil, cover (ok to do this in the hotel pans) and place in the preheated oven

The liquid should start about an inch above the raw rice.

Baked rice pilaf for 100
Trying to make rice pilaf for 100 people for wedding. If I bake in disposable roasting pans in oven, how long can I keep it warm without drying out or turning mushy? Thanks!
Baked rice for 40
I want to use roaster for this. How many cups rice will I need. Also I usually toast rice in oil first. Can this be done in roaster before adding water/ seasonings?
I want to make Spanish rice in oven using roaster pans
How much rice can I make in one pan?
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