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Cook Talk

Parents 50th wedding anniversary
We are trying to plan a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party for my parents in Sept. It will be around 2pm in the afternoon on a sunday. We were discussing boston butt and maybe potato salad and chips and maybe a dessert table. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are trying to not get into alot of money. We are estimated about 100 people. please help. Thank you
Angela, in mid afternoon, especially on Sunday, a dessert/tea type food selection is cheaper than sandwiches, and also, prettier and easier to eat. In addition, attractive to your parents' friends.

Look at the dessert planning page for the dessert buffets. Have a lovely punch, coffee, add some cheese trays (can be logs or spreads as well as chunks or slices), about 1 pound per 10, and crackers the same, perhaps some fruit trays..

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