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Banana pudding for 150
My husband and I are helping a friend with the food for her wedding. I think I have everything figured out except for thr banana pudding. The only way I have ever made banana pudding before was homemade pudding. I don't have a clue on a good way to make a good banana pudding for 150 people
Jean Cooper
I forgot also they are wanting chicken leg quarters. We are having some ribs also, but chicken is the main meat. How many leg quarters for 150 people
1 leg quarter per person- see the plan for 100 page, chicken is discussed at length.

Banana pudding is also discussed in detail on this recent thread;

erma burke
I need to make banana pudding for 500 people. I have not made this large amoount before. Need to know how much to buy. Just pudding, vanilla wafers and bananas.
The link above has a typo, use this one: Be aware that this is more than 15 gallons of banana pudding and you need to arrange for the rapid chilling during making and safe refrigerated storage. It cannot sit out at room temp.

By the way, 12 pounds fresh bananas makes 8 pounds banana flesh, or 5 quarts.
my school is doing a pbl on bannana pudding and we need to find out something
What is the question? See the other thread for info on types of banana pudding-

Betty Crutcher
Need to know how many eggs, milk ,sugar ,flour, vanilla go into making banana pudding for 150 people.
This is covered in detail on this thread:

Pat Vawter
Banana pudding using canned pudding for 50
recipe for banana pudding using # 10 cans vanilla pudding + number of bananas + number of vanilla wafers
5-6 9x13 pans for 50 people, depending on age and politeness...

For the pudding element for 50, 2 #10 cans

This is a recipe for 100, you can estimate cookies and bananas from 1/2 this-

Using half-and-half, or evaporated milk, makes a richer pudding.

120 servings, approximately; 6 10x15x2 pans OR 10 9x13

10 1/2 quarts milk
14 5.1 ounces instant pudding

14 pounds bananas (7 pounds for 50)
24 pounds vanilla wafers ( 12 pounds for 50)

Set aside enough cookies to cover the entire top of each dish used. Mix pudding and milk together. Stir until smooth. For each 20 servings, use a 10 X 15 X 2 inch dish. Spread a thin layer of the pudding, cover with thin sliced bananas, cover bananas with a thin layer of pudding, being sure to cover all edges of bananas with the pudding as any exposed to the air will darken rapidly, add a layer of cookies. Repeat process until all items are used. Cover last layer with pudding mix and top with the vanilla wafers. Store in refrigerator.

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That is a difficult job
Deborah Parker
Hello: I am taking on a huge contract regarding
making Banana Pudding for 300 at an event in the summer.
I would appreciate any suggestions/ideas on how much to buy of the following:

Vanilla Pudding
Condensed milk (12 oz cans)
Whole milk
cool whip
I usually put a slice strawberry on top.


Deborah Parker
I forgot to include the vanilla waffers
Deborah Parker
Cool Oreo Parfaits
Has anyone prepare 300 or more Oreo Parfaits?

Need suggestions/ideas on how much to purchase
for 300 people.

Just found recipe on the web.


For the banana pudding, the recipe just above is banana pudding for 100. If you want help on a SPECIFIC recipe for banana pudding, you need to post it.

For the Oreo parfaits: Whole cookies or crumbles? With cheesecake filling or vanilla? Yes or no on strawberries? Do you have safe refrigeration? Tell me more.

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