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Graduation PArty from 3 to 8 for 100
It is my sons graduation party. it will be prob 60 teens and 50 adults. I am trying to decide on what meat i want to do. I am making pasta salad, salt potatoes, jello salad, fruit tray , veggie tray, relish tray, bean salsa, chicken wing and hamburger dip,and a friend is making a pan of ziti with meatballs. and we'll have cupcakes. What are your ideas for a main dish....and amount i would need.I am sure not everyone will eat as alot of people with pick and go.... thanks so much!
The good news is that at this time slot people- even teens- don't eat as much as at lunch or dinner.

The most economical simple choice would be roasted chicken leg quarters- do one per person, cut some into 2 pieces. A good rub (see the jerk rib rub on the bbq page, if you like spicy), or lots of Italian seasoning, some lemon juice, roast them up, enjoy.

Graduation PArty from 4 to 10PM 0
I am having a graduation party for my grandaughter from 4PM to 10PM.I'm getting the
food from a restaurant/caterer, which I can get any amounts of any different food I want.
There will be 80-85 people.I'm getting Ham for 45 people, rigatoni 70 people, potato salad 65 people, cole slaw 60 people, chicken 35 people,red skin potatoes 60 people, rolls 65 people. I'm making meatball sandwiches for 25 people, tossed salad, cookies and cake. Will I
have enough food? Please help me out because I never had a party for so many people.
Carol, did you by any chance post on another thread? I seem to remember answering this exact question in the last couple of days...
Carol, see this note:

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