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wedding reception for 125 at 3:00
I wish I would have found your website earlier!
I am planning food for my daughter reception on a tight budget. There will be 125 people and the ceremony is at 2:00 with reception right after. Not sure how much of everything I need.

Chicken Salad crossiants
vegtable tray
relish tray
mini pin wheels
mini eclairs
cream puffs
candy table
cheese crackers
caprese salad
lemon water

I also feel like I am missing something. I would love any advise you could give!

The good news is, people eat less at this time slot than at lunch or dinner. Recipes referred to are on the site

Fruit- one deluxe fruit tray for 100, fruit tray page- lots of strawberries, consider a caramel or chocolate fondue dip (NOT a fountain)

vegetable tray- for 50- not a big seller
relish tray- 1 1/2 classic relish tray, veggie tray page
caprese salad- 1 pound tomatoes per 8

Chicken Salad croissants- allow 2 mini croissants per person, use reception level chicken salad from the sandwich planning page.
Add either egg salad or a cheese spread/ pimento cheese for the non meat eaters- about 3/4 gallon
mini pin wheels-2 per person
cheese crackers- 1 pound cheese per 8, 1 pound crackers per 10

mini eclairs
cream puffs
candy table- this is expensive. Unless the bride is attached, go for a dessert buffet, see the dessert planning page for help on amounts.

lemon water- 6 gallons
lemonade- 6 gallons
punch- 6 gallons

Have either 3 gallons unsweetened ice tea, or dessert level coffee, see the beverage planning page

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