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Planning 30th Anniversary Luau for 50 Guest
Kathy Jones
I'm planning my 30th Anniversary Luau in Aug. I have 50 guest and is planning on having, Chilled Shrimp, Swedish Meatballs, Wings, Fruit Tray and Veggy Tray, Stuff Crab Mushrooms, Salsa/Chips. How much will I need?

Thank You

Chilled Shrimp, VERY popular, 1 pound per 3-4 people, 1/4 cup cocktail sauce per person
Swedish Meatballs, 1 pound per 4-5
Wings, 4-6 pieces per person. Legs are cheaper and also make great finger food
Fruit Tray and Veggy Tray, see fruit tray page and veggie tray page
Stuff Crab Mushrooms, 2-3 per person, depends on size, popular
Salsa/Chips, 1 pound chips per 10, 1 quart salsa per pound.

Add at least one starchy side dish- how about a pasta salad, or a tropical rice pilaf?

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