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Wedding reception Dinner
I am having a 5:30 wedding and dinner will be served at 7. We are hosting 170 guests. Menu is simple: fruit, potatoes, green beans, and chicken breasts. My question is how many chicken breasts should I plan to serve for each guest in attendance? Some say only one per, but I know a lot of these big guys attending will be back for seconds. My biggest concern is running out of food as I believe that is the worst possible scenario. I'd rather have way too much than cut it close. What's the general rule for how many breasts per person. (By the way - very few children are included, so vast majority of the attendees are adults.) Thank you!
Plan on at least 6 ounces boneless per person, which is 1 pound per 3.

You need to add at least bread and butter and a second hot dish, such as a vegetable casserole. I also STRONGLY suggest an appetizer/nibble table with the fruit, cheese and crackers, punch, and at least one dip or spread.

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