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pork loin
Hi, I am doing the food for my neices wedding and she would like boneless pork loin roast along with roasted potatoes. Questions:
1. Pork loin roast in an electric roaster for 150? How much roast and can it be done in an electric roaster without major drying out.

2. Roasted potatoes, thinking red potatoes cut into pieces, cover with olive oil, seasoning and bake in the electric roaster. What temp? How long?

3. Oh and we should be able to cook the veggies and just warm in the roaster correct?

Appreciate all your help. Love the site!!!

You need 75 pounds raw boneless pork, which is 4 roasters full. Cook low and slow for moist and tender.

Potatoes will not get roasty, and you need 60 pounds, at least 3 roasters

Reheated veggies are not yummy. Either do roasted, room temp, or do a casserole such as Ellen's better green bean casserole.

I have 4 pork loins approx. 4lbs each. Cooking for about 30 people. Can I cook all four loins in one electric roaster at the same time. How long should I cook them and at what temp.
Yes on all 4 in 1. Cook as if just one, preheat 20 minutes before adding, use your same heat and timing a.s for a regular oven, but check temp starting 20 minutes before usual- sometimes the roaster cooks faster, depends on the meat
I have an 8lb. pork roast for Easter dinner I would like to cook in my roaster. Do you suggest a rub or marinate and how long would I cook it?
Whole pork loin cooks MUCH differently than tenderloin, Whole Pork Loin (boneless) 8-10 lbs. 145°-160° F. 8-11 min. per. lb. Tenderloin is 20-25 minutes per pound. Use a meat thermometer!`145-160 and let stand at least 10 minutes after cooking before you slice- half hour is not too much.

Happy Easter!

I have a 8 to 9 lb boneless pork loin I would like to cook with sauerkraut un my electric roaster. How long and at what temp setting?
Whole Pork Loin (boneless) 8-10 lbs. 145°-160° F. 8-11 min. per. lb. at 350 degrees. Use a meat thermometer and pull at 150, leave covered at least 10-15 minutes before slicing. Check first at about 1 hour 10 minutes- taking the lid off slows following cooking a bit, so don't start too early.
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